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Web Design
for Logistics

Web Design & Development
Passenger Transportation
Cargo Transportation

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Mobile Apps Development

Native Mobile Apps
Android & IOS
API Integration

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Promotion & Marketing

Contextual Advertising
Promotion in Social Networks

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Our Technologies

Software Projects Development: Startups, Websites, CRM and ERP-systems, Mobile Apps

yii2, laravel, symphony

Project Development using Popular PHP Frameworks

Flutter, Kotlin, Java, Swift

Development of Native Apps using Modern Technologies

Wordpress, opencard, drupal

Development of Websites in PHP using common CMS

Our projects

Hourly rates

Full-time Developers


Technical Specification - preparation, negotiations on the cost and scope of work with the customer.
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back-end developer

Project Development - back-end, project development using framework Yii, PHP.
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Native Mobile Apps Development for IOS and Android.

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front-end developer

HTML-coding using JavaScript, integration of HTML with back-end.

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We have been cooperating for more than a year. We thank the developers for their excellent work and reliable software solution.

Ruslan Gaidis
BelAdis LLC, Minsk, Belarus
December 2020

Thanks for the development and support of our CRM system. Excellent Job!

Andrey Bubnov
SOLITEX Gmbh, Vienna, Austria
May 2019

Thank you for the support of our websites during several years. The work has been done on time. We are satisfied with the quality.

Vasily Khakimov
Group of companies "AutoPremium", St. Petersburg, Russia
October 2016

Thank you for your attentive attitude at all stages of CRM system development. I am satisfied with the work.

Demitrio S.
Eleganzo Inc., California, USA
January 2018

We thank Alexander Retukin for mutually beneficial cooperation and quality work.

Ruslan Popov
UAB "ALTABEL GROUP", Vilnius, Lithuania
June 2017

Developers successfully solve complex tasks. We will continue our cooperation.

Valentin Trigorlov
Holding "PS AUTO GROUP", Minsk, Belarus
September 2015

What are the pricing models in your company?

There are three main pricing models:
  1. Fixed Price
  2. Time & Material Model
  3. Dedicated Programmers
Fixed Price
Fixed price is used when the technical specification is approved and the scope of work and time for development are specified. The payment is made after the work on the project is finished and approved by the customer. If the technical specification is too long, the project can be divided into several stages. Each stage is developed, approved and paid separately.

Time & Material Model
The approximate time and deadlines for completing the project must be specified. The work is carried out taking into account the developer’s employment on other projects. An invoice is issued for the actual time spent by the developer, the hourly rate being discussed before the start of the project. There is no fixed price and fixed deadline for completing the tasks in this case.

Dedicated Programmers
The invoice is issued weekly or monthly for full time work of our developers on your project. Our developer can actually be considered as your remote employee. The developer works a fixed number of hours per day. The payment is carried out after a certain period of time (a week, 2 weeks, a month) during which the tasks were completed. The customer himself controls the project, sets tasks and plans for future work.

I don’t have a written technical specification, can you give an estimation for the project?

In this case you can send a description of the project the way you see it. Our specialists will contact you in case of any questions. After that we will send you a rough estimation for your project development.

What is the project development cycle?

Our manager approves with you the scope of work for a certain period of time (a week, two weeks, a month), draws up technical specifications, approves with you a number of developers you need. For example you will need 2 back-end developers, one front-end developer, one part-time QA specialist. During the time specified earlier we develop the needed functionality, test it, and provide it to the customer for approval. All the developers keep track of the hours spent on the project in our report system. When the invoice is issued we attach this report, so the customer can see which tasks were done and how many hours were spent. If the customer wishes to add functionality, not specified earlier, this functionality can be added to the next technical specifications. If needed, other specialists can be included in the project such as designers, QA specialists, mobile apps developers, business analysts.



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